Performance Data

VERY IMPORTANTPast Performance is not an indicator of Future Performance. This type of Day Trading is prone to drawdowns and is considered risky. Any decision to participate in this type of Day Trading should be well thought out, considering the potential downsides.

Average Monthly Return:
Toodls: 9.89%

QQQ: 2.97%
SPY: 2.00%
This does not take the current month into account.

Feb 20244.72%5.23%-4.29%QQQ / SPYLive
Jan 20241.81%1.59%-2.81%QQQ / SPYLive
Dec 20235.32%4.14%4.19%QQQ / SPYLive
Nov 202310.82%9.13%9.51%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Oct 2023-2.07%-2.17%24.27%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Sep 2023-5.22%-5.08%-1.71%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Aug 2023-1.48%-1.63%12.53%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Jul 20233.86%3.27%10.94%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Jun 20236.16%6.09%22.78%QQQ / SPYSimulation
May 20237.88%0.46%4.11%QQQ / SPYSimulation
Apr 20230.51%1.60%6.51%QQQSimulation
Mar 20239.32%3.31%12.90%QQQSimulation
Feb 2023-0.36%-2.51%0.68%QQQSimulation
Jan 202310.64%6.29%16.52%QQQSimulation
Dec 2022-9.23%-6.19%8.63%QQQSimulation
Nov 20225.54%5.56%16.80%QQQSimulation
Oct 20224.00%8.13%12.37%QQQSimulation
Data updated at: 2/23/2024 1:01:01 PM

 - SPY data was collected from May 2023 and has been traded since.

 - Simulation – This data is based on Simulated Trading using the Current Algo. The results are as close to actual expected, assuming the trades were taken during Live Trading.

 - Live – This is based on Live Trading Data.