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new people
same hobbies
real fun

Toodls is your go-to App to join or host events for Virtual & In-person activities.

Start connecting now!

Why Toodls?

Making sure that you always have something to do

Join and attend events
based on your choice of activity and availability

  • Browse upcoming events hosted by experts in their field
  • Schedule your events
  • Invite your contacts to events you are attending
  • Receive event reminder notifications
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Enjoy a new hobby

Host events
by posting and scheduling your activities

  • Host leisure, professional, learning or charitable events
  • Create virtual or in-person events
  • Create private events
  • Create public events
  • Grow your audience
  • Showcase your talents and expertise

Private & Public Groups
to manage events and invites easily

  • Easily connect with friends and family
  • Suggest an activity within a Private circle
  • Schedule the date and time
  • Set number of participants
  • Make new friends thorugh Public groups
  • Effortlessly manage your social calendar